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Bullying comes in a wide variety of forms. Some are obvious such as physical or verbal bullying, but types exist that on the surface may not be as noticeable, such as emotional, racist, sexual, or cyberbullying. The government and many organizations are working to address the problem as are individuals and the media.

Cyberbullying: How to Deal

What would you do if you encountered a cyberbully? Play through our interactive hands-on tutorial to test yourself. Take the challenge now!

How to Get Your Kids Off the Bully Radar

Professional counselor Jim West, LMHC, NCC, explains what can lead a child to bully others and how to help children effectively deal with bullies. Part of the March Against Bullying initiative from the Orange County Library System.

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What is Bullying?

In the Headlines »

Read recently published articles considering the impact, potential causes, and extent of youth violence in America from GeneralOne File database.

U. S. Department of Health & Human Services »

Bullying can take several different forms. Read examples of behaviors which can be considered bullying and learn one definition of bullying.

Talking to a Child about Bullying »

Children may not understand why someone is being mean or teasing them. These books offer a foundation for starting a discussion about bullying.

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Signs of Bullying

My Child? A Bully?! »

Look at the way your child treats you, siblings, and friends for hints that they may be a bully.

Warning Signs That a Child is Being Bullied (PDF) »

If you suspect your child is being bullied there are some things that you can look for and questions that you can ask him or her to figure out what is going on.

WebMD: Characteristics of Children Who are Bullied »

Recognize the characteristics which may make a child vulnerable to bullying and watch for warning signs that a child is being bullied.

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Impact of Bullying

There is nothing new about bullying, which leads many adults to believe that children just need to get used to it. However, there have been studies that give us knowledge and understanding of the impact bullying has on both victims and the bullies themselves.

HRSA: The Scope and Impact of Bullying (PDF)»

The Health, Resources and Services Administration provides a two-page printable flyer about what bullying is and its effects as well as what can be done to stop it now!

Information for Parents and Teachers »

The (Canadian) Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System is a non-profit social service agency helping children and families involved with the justice system as victims of crime, or youthful offenders. Their information for parents and teachers provides an excellent overview of bullying and its long term effects.

It Gets Better Project »

Feeling uncomfortable pressures of an LGBT life? Here is a website that offers the promise that life will get better.

White House Declares - It Gets Better! »

President Obama, his staff and other administration officers speak out against bullying and offer hope and guidance for all young people.

Youth Bullying: Incidence, Impact, & Interventions (PDF) »

The Violence Institute of New Jersey (University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ) is committed to research for curtailing violence, and presents this 2005 article from the Journal of the New Jersey Psychological Association.

Suicide Prevention

If you are worried that you or someone you know may be at risk for suicide, please call 911, contact a mental health professional, or call and talk to someone at 1-800-SUICIDE.

Library Materials on Suicide Prevention »

Use these titles to learn how to help prevent such tragic deaths.

National Hopeline Network »

Find contact information for a variety of intervention needs, such as veterans peer support, teen-to-teen peer counseling, and e-mail and chat support options.

Ryan's Story »

Ryan Patrick Halligan gave up all hope and ended his 13 year life tragically. His family have committed their lives to help other youth who are suffering in silence from the pain of bullying.

The Trevor Project »

The Trevor Project staff can help you if you are suffering from unbearable pressures because of your sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Bullying Prevention

Books on Preventing Bullying »

Check out these titles on creating bully-free environments from the playground to the workplace.

Building Empathy »

Browse titles which show how developing empathy towards others can lead to a kinder community.

Child Psychology»

Learn what children need to learn to develop healthy relationships and how to address difficult behavior from these titles on child psychology.

Downloadable Videos »

Watch short, educational videos from Overdrive to start discussions about bullying.

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Dealing with Bullying

Opposing Viewpoints in Context »

Read about the issues surrounding bullying from multiple viewpoints.

Health and Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Health Module »

Read articles from Harvard Children's Health and other notable research journals that delve into childhood bullying.

KidsHealth from Nemours »

Straight-forward tips for kids on how to deal with bullies.

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Types of Bullying


This form of bullying uses electronic means as one or more persons harass, threaten, torment, embarrass, or humiliate another person.

CNN's Stop Bullying: Speak Up »

This great resource from CNN contains information on all facets of bullying, including several articles focusing on the pervasiveness of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying : Identification, Prevention, and Response (PDF) »

This fact sheet, put together by Sameer H. Hinduja, Ph.D. and Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D. is a great starting point to understand the issue. More information on this topic may be found on the Cyberbullying Research Center Website.

Library Materials on CyberBullying »

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Browse these titles to learn all about the issue, and help protect yourself and others.


Hazing is any abusive and humiliating form of initiation into or affiliation with a group regardless of a person's willingness to participate. »

Find posters, brochures, buttons, group discussion guides, case studies, event packages, and webinars here along with personal stories of the hidden harms of hazing.

Library Materials on Hazing »

Find books discussing the serious nature of these "initiation rites."

The National Collaborative For Hazing Research and Prevention »

Learn about the findings of this national collaborative of fraternities, sororities, and campus associations. »

In 1993 the founders of success inspired the New Hampshire state legislature to pass an anti-hazing law. Learn how they did it and what they have to offer now to stop hazing in high school, college and the military.

Workplace Bullying

The boss isn't always the bully in the workplace, in fact, most workplace bullying happens between peers. Bullying usually takes place when a person feels threatened. While harassment is against the law, bullying is not. It's sometimes hard to figure out if something is considered harassment or merely bullying.

Library Materials on Bullies in the Workplace »

Here are some insightful titles to help you identify and deal with the emotional and physical issues resulting from bullying in the workplace, as well as the costs to the business itself.

General OneFile »

This all-inclusive resource that contains more than 7,000 full-text titles, and a wide array of material on workplace bullying in both print and online formats.

Workplace Bullying: What Everyone Needs to
Know (PDF) »

Check out this nine page document presented by Sharp Publications, on recognizing and preventing bullying in your workplace.

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Teens & Bullying

A Thin Line »

MTV created A Thin Line to help teens draw the line between harmless jokes and actions which have a serious impact on them and their peers. Take the quiz, get the facts, and then draw your line to protect yourself and others online.

Bullying in Adolescents »

The teenage years can be especially challenging emotionally. Gain a better understanding of the modern teen experience with these library materials.

Teens Against Bullying »

The end of bullying begins with you. Teens can learn to identify, respond, listen, and act against bullying.

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Games & Quizzes

Bullying - Quiz: Are You a Bully? »

Some people may not realize that their behavior is considered bullying. Answer a few short questions to find out if you are a bully.

Cyberbulling Quiz »

Have you ever been a cyberbully? This printable quiz from Wired Kids, Inc will ask you simple questions about what you may be doing online that may be hurting others and get you into trouble.

Stop Bullying! Games »

Reinforce the stop bullying message with kids with these games from StopBullying.Gov.

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